Evernote Importing from LG Memo and from ColorNote Android Apps

I switched from LG Memo and Colornote to Evernote.

The Evernote application imports the enex file format. I created two php scripts that export the notes from Colornote and from LG Memo.

For Colornote is required the file colornote.db that is only visible on rooted devices. For LG Memo the note database is inside the backup backup.nrt that can be created from LG Memo and rooting is not required.

This is lgmemo2enex.php:


and this is colornote2enex.php:


these scripts must be run in the same directory containing the files colornote.db or richnote. The scripts outputs the files lgmemo.enex and colornote.enex that could be imported in Evernote.



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