SmartDVB channels export to M3U for VLC

I developed a small utility to export the channels from SmartDVB to VLC.

The utility can be downloaded from:

The source code is here (contains the eclipse project):

The application is very very minimal. It requires java.


  1. First of all locate the smartdvb.db file. It’s located in the SmartDVB installation directory or in the user SmartDVB AppData folder. (This file contains the channels found by SmartDVB).
  2. Close SmartDVB Application.
  3. Make a backup copy of this file, if something goes wrong.
  4. Extract the SmartDVBExportM3U zip file and open the SmartDVBExportM3U.exe
  5. Choose the path of the smartdvb.db file using the first button
  6. Export with the second button.



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