Virtual Burners for HP Recovery Manager Media Creator ISO creation

With my new laptop i want to create the recovery discs into the iso format, without burning any real dvd.

Then i searched for a virtual dvd-r dvd-rw burner. I found TotalMounter 1.50 (free software). Then i created a virtual empty disc (a .iso file on the filesystem) and used HP Recovery Media Creator to burn to the dvd. This do not work, HP Recovery Media Creator gave me an error: REWRITEABLE MEDIA NOT SUPPORTED. TotalMounter mounted a virtual DVD-RW disc. And no option on TotalMounter to choose from DVD-R or DVD-RW to insert into the virtual burner.

Then i found Phantom Drive. That was the solution. Phantom Drive is another virtual burner software. It let me choose the type of virtual media: DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW, and so on.
So first of all open Phantom Drive Starter and choose Phantom Settings. Uncheck the option:
“Reinsert image after burning if ejected
Then start the HP Recovery Media Creation process. When it asks for a blank dvd-r, go again to the Phanthom Drive Starter and choose Phantom Creator. Choose “DVD-R” as media type, then check “Create an iso image” and then choose the file location for the iso image, for example for the first DVD-R choose C:\Users\…\recovery_dvd1.phi (the phi extension will be replaced automatically with the iso extension because we choosed Create an iso image).
HP Recovery will recognize and use this virtual DVD-R.
Then when HP Recovery Media Creator ends burning (virtually) the first (virtual) DVD-R, it will ask you for the second blank DVD-R. Again use the Phantom Creator and change only the file location to another name recovery_dvd2.phi for example.
And so on for the other DVDs.

I think this method could be used for every media recovery creator as that from Acer, Asus and others. Thanks to Phantom Drive, great piece of software!!


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